Bradley Corporation, the industry's leading manufacturer ofpremium quality commercial lavatories, presents The Advocate Lavatory System.? The Advocate Lavatory System?s uniqueall-in-one design allows users to access soap, water and hand dryer withoutleaving the hand washing station.? Thewater supply, soap dispenser, and hand dryer are located above the bowl.? GFI protection assures the safety of the handdryer equipment.? The Bradley AdvocateLavatory System is perfect for commercial lavatories, movie theaters,auditoriums, retail, travel plazas, airports and convenience shops.

? Soap, water and hand dryer, unique all-in-one patent pendingdesign

? Includes infrared, high speed, dual-sided hand dryerat each hand washing station

? Includes large capacity, top-fill, infrared soapdispenser, with low level indicator and overfill protection

? Includes hygienic hands-free infrared, .38 gpm faucet

? ADA-and ANSI- compliant:? Can be mounted atdifferent heights to accommodate hand washing for range of users

Advocate lavatory decks and integralbowls are made from Terreon, Bradley's premium, high-density solid surfacematerial; they are now also available in TerreonRE, a sustainable formulationof pre-consumer recycled polymers and bio-based resins resistant to chemicals,stains, burns and impact; surface damage can be easily repaired with everydaycleansers or fine grit abrasives

Architects, engineers, and specifierslook to Bradley Corporation for innovation in design and leadership in thedevelopment of environmentally conscious products.? Bradley Corporation, a member of the U.S.Green Building Council, the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance, has severalproducts earning certification by Greenguard Environmental Institute, andGreenguard Children and Schools program.

Bradley eases the specifying process with a seasoned customerservice staff and a range of helpful information tools on an advancedwebsite.? For example, easy-to-use sizingsoftware, available on Bradley's website, allows engineers to quickly determinethe correct size Thermostatic Mixing Valves.

Bradley is theindustry leader in the manufacture of premium quality commercial plumbingfixtures, valves, TMVs and washroom accessories that appear in the followingCSI MasterFormat 2012? Sections:

Section 10 21 13 ? TOILET COMPARTMENTS (Mills?Metal, Plastic-laminate, Phenolic, and Plastic units)

Section 10 28 13.13? COMMERCIAL TOILET ACCESSORIES (Institutional and commercial accessories)

Section 10 28 13.14? COMMERCIAL TOILET ACCESSORIES ? Diplomat Series

Section 10 28 13.19 ? HEALTHCARE TOILETACCESSORIES (Patient care accessories)

Section 10 28 13.21 ? WARM AIR DRYERS (Aerix?hand dryers)


Section 10 28 16 ? BATH ACCESSORIES (Hospitalityand commercial bath accessories)

Section 10 51 26 ? PLASTIC LOCKERS (Lenox?Plastic Lockers)

Section 22 11 19 ? DOMESTIC WATER PIPINGSPECIALTIES (Thermostatic mixing valves)

Section 22 42 16.01 ? COMMERCIAL LAVATORIES ANDFAUCETS (Express? and Frequency? Single and multi-stationlavatories)

Section 22 42 16.02? COMMERCIAL LAVATORIES AND FAUCETS (Advocate? lavatories)

Section 22 42 16.03 ? COMMERCIAL LAVATORIES ANDFAUCETS (Verge? lavatories)

Section 22 42 16.04 ? COMMERCIAL LAVATORIES ANDFAUCETS (OmniDecks? lavatories)



Section 22 42 33 ? WASHFOUNTAINS (Sentry?,BradMate?, and Classic washfountains)

Section 22 43 00 ? HEALTHCARE PLUMBING FIXTURES(Patient care lavatory units)

Section 22 45 00 ? EMERGENCY PLUMBING FIXTURES(Halo? Emergency eyewash fixtures and showers)


Contact Bradley Corporation, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051;Phone: 800-BRADLEY ((800)272-3539) Fax:?(262)251-5817, or visit the Bradley web site Bradley Corporation is an AIA/CES registeredprovider currently offering five programs earning one (1) HS&W LearningUnit each; several qualify for sustainable design (SD) credit.? All active AIA members must successfullycomplete 18 learning unit (LU) hours each year.


Advocate™, Veratherm™, NDITE™, and TouchTime™ are trademarksof Bradley Corporation.

Crescent?and Terreon are registered trademarks of Bradley Corporation.

GREENGUARD Certification ProgramSM is a servicemark of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.

Copyright? 2012 Bradley Corporation.? All rights reserved.

SECTION 22 42 16


1.1             SECTION INCLUDES

1.        Commercial lavatory units with integrated faucet,soap dispenser, and hand dryer components.

1.2             RELATED SECTIONS

Specifier:? Delete any paragraphsbelow that do not apply to this project.

1.        Division 22 Section "Domestic WaterPiping Specialties" for thermostatic mixing valves.

2.        Division 22 Section "Commercial Lavatoriesand Faucets" for single- and multiple- station lavatory systems.

3.        Division 22 Section "Commercial LavatoryDecks and Faucets" for single- and multiple- station lavatory decks.

4.        Division 22 Section "HealthcarePlumbing Fixtures" for healthcare lavatories.

5.        Division 22 Section "EmergencyPlumbing Fixtures" for emergency fixtures.

6.        Division 22 Section "Security PlumbingFixtures" for security lavatories.

1.3             REFERENCES:

A.        American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE):

1.        ASSE 1070 ? Water Temperature Limiting Devices.

B.        American National Standards Institute (ANSI):

1.        ANSI Z124.3 - Plastic Lavatories.

2.        ANSI Z124.6 - Plastic Sinks.

3.        ANSI/ICPA SS-1-2001 - Performance Standard forSolid Surface Materials.

C.        American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME):

1.        ASME A112.18.1 -Plumbing Supply Fittings.

2.        ASME A112.18.2 -Plumbing Waste Fittings.

3.        ASME A112.18.3M -Performance Requirements for Backflow Protection Devices and Systems inPlumbing Fixture Fittings.

D.        ASTM International (ASTM):

1.        ASTM E 84 - Standard Test Method for SurfaceBurning Characteristics of Building Materials.

2.        ASTM D 570 - Standard Test Method for WaterAbsorption of Plastics.

3.        ASTM D 638 - Standard Test Method for TensileProperties of Plastics.

4.        ASTM D 696 - Standard Test Method forCoefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion of Plastics Between -30 degrees C and30 degrees C With a Vitreous Silica Dilatometer.

5.        ASTM D 785 - Standard Test Method for RockwellHardness of Plastics and Electrical Insulating Materials.

E.         Canadian Standards Association (CSA):

1.        CSA B45 ? Plastic Lavatories and Sinks.

2.        CSA B125.1 - Plumbing Supply Fittings.

3.        CSA B125.2 ? Plumbing Waste Fittings.

GREENGUARD Environment Institute is anANSI Authorized Standards Developer that oversees the GREENGUARD certificationprogram.? GEI establishes acceptableindoor air standards for indoor products, environments, and buildings.

F.         GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI):

1.        GREENGUARD certified low emitting products.

G.        International Code Council (ICC):

1.        ICC/ANSI A117.1 ? Accessible and UsableBuildings and Facilities.

H.        NSF International (NSF):

1.        ANSI/NSF 61 -Drinking Water System Components -Health Effects (CaliforniaAB1953 Compliance).

I.         PublicLaw 102-486, Energy Policy Act, requires that public lavatorieshave flow rate or consumption not greater than 0.5 gpm (1.5 L/min.) or 0.25gal. (0.95 L) per metering cycle.

J.         State of Texas:

1.        TexasAccessibility Standards (TAS).

K.        Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

1.        UL 723 - Test For Surface BurningCharacteristics of Building Materials.

2.        UL 1951 -Electric Plumbing Accessories.

3.        UL 507 ? Electric Fans

L.         United States Green Building Council (USGBC):

1.        LEED Green BuildingRating System (LEED).

M.        US Federal Government:

1.        Public Law 102-486 - Energy Policy Act. 1992.

2.        U.S.Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board. Americans withDisabilities Act (ADA),Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG).

1.4             ACTION SUBMITTALS

A.        Product Data:?Manufacturer?s data sheets for each type of lavatory fixture. Includerough-in requirements and power, signal, and control wiring diagrams

B.        Product Test Reports:? Indicating compliance of products withrequirements, from a qualified independent testing agency, when requested byArchitect.

Bradley Corporation's TerreonRE recycledsolid surface material contains 25 percent preconsumer recycled content and 8 percentrapidly renewable material. LEED WE Credit 2 is for 50 percentreduction in water use for building sewer, based on use of water-conservingfixtures documented under Credit WE 3.?LEED WE Credit 3 is for 30, 35, or 40 percent reductionin water usage.

C.        LEED Submittals:

1.        Product Data for [Credit WE 2Innovative Wastewater Technologies] [and] [Credit WE 3 Water Use Reduction]:? Documentation indicating compliance withrequirements.


A.        Sample manufacturer warranty.

B.        Manufacturer's Product Certificates:? Indicating compliance with requirements.


A.        Operation and Maintenance Data.

1.7             QUALITY ASSURANCE

A.        Manufacturer Qualifications:? Approved manufacturer listed in this section,with minimum [5]years experience in the manufacture of plumbing fixtures of similar type.Manufacturers seeking approval must submit the following in accordance withInstructions to Bidders and Division 01 substitution requirements:

1.        Product data, including test data from qualifiedindependent testing agency indicating compliance with requirements.

2.        Samples of each component of product specified.

3.        List of successful installations of similarproducts available for evaluation by Architect, with contact information.

B.        Source Limitations:? Obtain each type of plumbing fixture andcompatible accessories through one source from a single approved manufacturer.

Specifier: Bradley offershandicapped-accessible fixtures meeting requirements of ADA, ICC A117.1, andTexas Accessibility Standards.

C.        Accessibility Requirements: Comply withrequirements of ADA/ABA and with requirements of authorities havingjurisdiction.

D.        Water Flow and Consumption Requirements: Complywith Public Law 102-486 "Energy Policy Act."

E.         Drinking Water Standard: Comply with NSF 61,"Drinking Water System Components ? Health Effects," whereapplicable.

F.         Electrical Components:? Listed and labeled per NFPA 70,Article 100, by a testing agency acceptable to authorities havingjurisdiction.

G.        Low-Emissivity Material Certificate:? Provide certificate indicated that solidsurface material has been certified under the following GREENGUARD programs, ora comparable certification acceptable to Owner:

1.        Indoor Air Quality Certified.

2.        Certified for Children and Schools.

1.8             WARRANTY

A.        Special Manufacturer?s Warranty:? Provide manufacturer's standard form in whichmanufacturer agrees to repair or replace products that fail in materials or manufacturerworkmanship within the following periods:

1.        Solid surfacing material:? 10 years.

2.        All other components:? 1 year.


2.1             MANUFACTURERS

A.        Basis-of-Design Product:? Subject to compliance with requirements,provide all-in-one commercial lavatory units manufactured by BradleyCorporation, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, Phone (800) 272-3539; Fax (262) 251-5817;Email; Website

Specifier:? Retain one of twoparagraphs below based upon Project requirements.? The manufacturer is not aware of comparablemanufactured products.

1.        Submit requests for substitution in accordancewith Instructions to Bidders and Division 01 General Requirements.

2.        Provide specified product; Owner will notconsider substitution requests.


Specifier: ?Bradley's Advocatelavatories are formed from Bradley's own premium vandal-resistant densifiedsolid surface material noted for its resistance to chemicals, stains, burns andimpacts. ?Surface damage can be easilyrepaired with everyday cleansers or fine grit abrasives. ?First option below describes Bradley Terreon,and second describes Terreon RE Terreon RE, a densified solid surface materialcomposed of a bio-based resin and preconsumer recycled granules.

C.        Lavatory Deck and Bowl Material:? Fabricate lavatory units from [thermosetacrylic modified polyester resin] [bio-based resin and preconsumer recycledgranules with minimum 25 percent preconsumer recycled content and 8 percentbio-based resins]certified by approved independent testing agency as complying with ANSI/ICPA‑SS-1-2001,ANSI Z124.3/CSA B45, and ANSI Z124.6/CSA B45, with the following minimumproperties:

1.        Basis of Design Product:? Bradley,[Terreon][Terreon RE].

2.        Liquid Absorption:? 0.025 percent in 24 hours, per ASTM D 570.

3.        Tensile Strength:? 5000 psi(34 MPa), minimum, per ASTM D 638.

4.        Thermal Expansion:? 2.30, per ASTM D 696.

5.        Hardness:?55 - 60, per ASTM D 785.

6.        Fire Resistance:?Class 1, per ASTM E 84.

2.2             LAVATORY UNITS

A.        Lavatory:Wall-mounted integrated lavatory unit formed from molded solid surface materialwith integral bowl, with wall mounting frame, built-in faucet, built-in soapdispenser, and hand dryer.

1.        Basis of Design Manufacturer/Model:? Bradley,Advocate Lavatory System AV-Series.

2.        Bowl and Deck Material:? Solid surface material.

3.        Cabinet Construction:? Type 300 stainless steel end panels with No.3 finish, with polystyrene front enclosure, mounted to wall with stainlesssteel mounting frame and basin support.

4.        Fittings:?Includes drain, P-trap, and flexible stainless steel supply connections.

5.        Faucet:?Built-in vandal-resistant low profile faucet formed from compositefiberglass-reinforced polymer with painted, clear-coat finish, with low-voltagesensor using a zone-focused hand-detecting infrared transmitting beam and timedturn-off delay.

a.        Flow Rate:?Not greater than 0.38 gpm(1.44 L/min).

b.        Solenoid Valve:?24 V, 50/60 Hz, 3/8 inch NPT, electronically-activated, flow regulatorequipped, with plug-in transformer.

Specifier:? Retainthermostatic mixing valve if required for Project; coordinate with Schedulebelow.

c.         Thermostatic Mixing Valve:? Thermostatic mixing valve, ASSE 1070 listed andCA AB 1953 compliant, with stop/strainer/check valves, and flexible stainlesssteel connectors.

1)        Basis of Design Manufacturer/Model:? Bradley,Navigator, S59-4000 series.

6.        Hand Dryer:?Energy-efficient dryer unit with low-voltage hand-detecting infraredsensor, integrated into lavatory deck, with LED-illuminated dryer cavity andanti-microbial dryer nozzles. UL-listed.

a.        Noise Level:?80 db at 70 cfm.

b.        Run Time:?Variable.

c.         Typical Hand Drying Time:? 15 seconds.

d.        Power Supply:?110 VAC, 1600 W, 20 A, with 36 inch(914 mm) power cord with plug end.

7.        Liquid Soap Dispenser:? Built-in vandal-resistant low profileelectronic dispenser formed from composite fiberglass-reinforced polymer withpainted, clear-coat finish, with low-voltage hand-detecting infrared sensor,activation rate control, and overflow fill protection.? Top filled from tamper-resistant cover. 64 oz (1.89 L) capacity.

Specifier:? When specifyingmultiple installations, especially when options vary, you may elect to use theschedule below; copy paragraph and edit to describe units required. Coordinatewith designations used on Drawings.

2.3             LAVATORY SCHEDULE

A.        Lavatory Fixture LAV#___:

1.        Basis of Design Manufacturer/Model:? Bradley,Advocate Lavatory System [AV-30] [AV-60] [AV-90].

2.        Unit Length:?[Singleunit at 30 by 22-3/4 inch (762 by 578 mm)] [Doubleunit at 60 by 22-3/4 inch (1524 by 578 mm)] [Tripleunit at 90 by 22-3/4 inch (2286 by 578 mm)].

3.        Bowl and Deck Construction:? [Solid surface material] [Recycled solid surface material].

4.        Water Supply:?[Singletempered line][Thermostaticmixing valve assembly].

5.        Color:? [Asselected by Architect from manufacturer's full line] <Insert color selection>.

6.        Lavatory, Rim Mounting Height:? [34 inch(864 mm)][31 inch (787 mm)] [28 inch (711 mm)] <insert mounting height>.


3.1             INSTALLATION

A.        Assemble fixtures and associated fittings andtrim in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

B.        Install fixture supports firmly attached tobuilding structure.

C.        Install fixtures level, plumb, and in accordancewith manufacturer's rough-in instructions and height requirements ofauthorities having jurisdiction.

D.        Install water supply piping connections. ?Provide stop on each supply in readily-serviceablelocation. ?Fasten supply piping tosupports or substrate.

E.         Install trap and waste piping to each fixture.

F.         Install escutcheons at exposed pipingpenetrations in finished locations and within cabinets.

G.        Seal joints between fixtures and walls, floors,and countertops with mildew-resistant silicone sealant meeting requirements inDivision 07 Section "Joint Sealants."


A.        Repair or replace defective work, includingdamaged fixtures and components.

B.        Clean unit surfaces, test fixtures, and leave inready-to-use condition.

C.        Turn over keys, tools, maintenance instructions,and maintenance stock to Owner.

D.        Protect units with water-resistant temporarycovering. ?Do not allow temporary use ofplumbing fixtures. ?Remove protection atSubstantial Completion and dispose.


A.        Set field-adjustable temperature set points oftemperature-actuated water mixing valves.?Adjust set point within allowable temperature range.

B.        Test and adjust installation.