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October 30

Bradley's WashBar aimed at seamless, spash-less hand-washing

Nearly 100 years later, the newest iteration in the company’s commercial product line – an integrated three-in-one handwashing system with smart technology – hardly resembles your great-grandfather’s washfountain.

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October 27

Solid Surface Sinks by Bradley

WashBar with clean+rinse+dry functionality can be paired with the line of OmniDecks. The WashBar adds an innovative and intuitive hand washing element to the OmniDeck’s customization possibilities.

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October 05

Vote Verge with WashBar for 2017 Best of the Year Award

Interior Design magazine has launched voting for the 2017 Best of the Year awards. The Verge with WashBar is up for Best of the Year consideration in the Bath: Fixtures category. Voting is open from Oct 5th-16th.

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