Patient Care Application Guidelines

Our combination lavatory/concealed water closet modules were designed based on extensive research with health care professionals. So they offer more functional features to enhance staff productivity and patient safety. These modules conceal a patient toilet inside a molded decorator cabinet and lavatory counter.

At bedside, they are a more hygienic and physiologically and psychologically superior replacement to bedpans or commodes, and offer a cost-effective alternative to separate bathrooms. And, as a convenient water source and testing area, they also give your staff an efficient patient care station.

There are several modules to choose from to meet the needs of a variety of hospital, clinic and nursing home applications. These include: critical and telemetry care, rehab, gastrointestinal, proctology, X-ray, oncology labs, privacy rooms, semi-dependent care environments and more.

  LC500 LC700 LC750 LC800 LC2000
Width 29" 40-1/2" 47" 47" 60"
Pivoting vs. Stationary          
Stationary S NA NA S S
Pivoting NA S S NA NA
Cabinet Material          
Laminate NA S S S S
Polished Stainless S NA NA NA NA
Epoxy Painted S NA NA NA NA
Toilet Material          
Stainless Steel S S S O S
Toilet Mounting          
Floor S S S O S
Toilet Waste Outlet          
Floor O O O * O
Wall O O O * O
Laminate NA S S S NA
Terreon SP O O O S
Stainless Steel O O O NA NA
Cultured Marble S NA NA NA NA
Wrist Blade S S S S S
Foot Control O O O O NA
Infrared O O O O O
Mixing Valves          
Thermostatic Mixing Assembly O O O O O
Manual Mixing Valve O O O O O
Bedpan Washer          
Rigid Bedpan Washer NA NA NA NA NA
Flexible Volume Contro O O O O O
Flexible Foot Control SP O S NA NA
Flexible Hand/Volume Control SP SP SP SP O
Dialysis Box          
Single Valve NA O O O O
Dual Valve NA O O O O
Storage Box NA O O O O
Grab Bars          
Wall Grab Bar O O O O O
Fold-Down Grab Bar O O O O O

S=Standard    NA=Not Available     O=Option     *=May not be available with other options

Steps for selecting patient care units:

  • Determine physical attributes required, i.e. toilet load requirements, available space, swivel vs. stationary toilets, rough in requirements
  • Determine standard selections, i.e. bedpan washer, storage, dialysis box
  • Determine optional selections, i.e. Terreon solid surface vs. laminate, WRISTBLADE vs. infrared
  • Contact your local Bradley rep to review your selection.




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