Thermostatic Mixing Valves Application Guidelines

The Navigator's single-valve system delivers the reliability today's market demands, blending hot and cold water to preset temperatures with pinpoint accuracy. Yet it's less complex than a multi-valve system, for easier set-up and start-up -- especially in a recirculated system.

An integral port allows the tempered water recirculation line to be attached directly to the valve body. As a result, the Navigator has fewer connections than a two-valve system. Fewer connections and universal mounting capability mean much less installation time.

Navigator valves use a liquid filled thermostat (except S59-2007 8 GPM valve) to control the output temperature for variations in input temperature and pressure.

The Navigator is pre-assembled at the factory and 100% tested for guaranteed performance. It's the practical water tempering solution for showering, hand washing, and emergency fixtures in hotels, schools, hospitals, and factories -- anywhere you need large quantities of water at a comfortable temperature.

Our easy to use sizing software, available at or on a CD, allows you to quickly select the correct size valve for your application.

  • ASSE 1017, CSA and cUPC Certified
  • Accurate temperature control to within +_3F
  • Factory assembled and tested
  • Universal mounting capability
  • Maximum operating pressure of 125 PSI
  • Positive shutoff of hot water should cold water fail
  • Ten year thermostat warranty on High/Low, Standard, and Emergency valves
  • Patented free floating check valves won't lime up
  • Available options include rough chrome finish, pipe assemblies with inlet and outlet shutoffs, and stainless steel or white enameled cabinets.

High-Low Valve Family

Used for applications where off-peak demand is extremely low. Single Valve Design handles both high and low demand for tempered water with a single valve. Dial thermometer standard.


HL45 45GPM @ 45PSI


HL80 80GPM @ 45PSI


HL130 130 GPM @ 45 PSI


HL200 200 GPM @ 45PSI


HL 2X1 High capacity manifold system - two S59-3130 (260 GPM @ 45 PSI)


HL 2X2 High capacity manifold system - two S59-2200 (400 GPM @ 45 PSI)

Standard Valves

Used for applications where demand is fairly constant even during off peak demand.


Standard TMV 25 GPM @ 45 PSI


Standard TMV 45 GPM @ 45 PSI


Standard TMV 80 GPM @ 45 PSI


Standard TMV 130 GPM @ 45 PSI


Standard TMV 200 GPM @ 45 PSI

Emergency Valves

For use with emergency eyewash, drench showers, and combination units. Built-in cold-water bypass ensures a supply of cold water even if the hot water supply is lost. Provides tepid water as required by ANSI/ISEA Z358.1. Dial thermometer is standard. Bradley is the only manufacturer of both emergency fixtures and valves. Flow restrictors are recommended for all drench showers.


EFX 8 - 8 GPM @ 30PSI, up to 3 eyewashes or 1 eye/face wash


EFX 25 - 36 GPM @ 30PSI, up to one combination drench shower/eyewash or multiple eyewash


EFX 60 - 67 GPM @ 30PSI, up to two combination drench shower/eyewash or multiple eyewash


EFX 125 - 103 GPM @ 30PSI, up to two combination drench shower/eyewash or multiple eyewash

Point of Use Valve

Thermostatic controller for faucets or user controlled thermostatic valve for showers. Available as an in-wall shower or on our individual wall showers and group showers.


8 GPM (UTS) Under the sink valve 8 GPM


All shower models


In-wall shower only

Navigator High/Low Recirculation Station

The Navigator High/Low Recirculation Station includes all the elements required for a recirculating hot water system in a preassembled and tested unit mounted on enameled struts for easy installation. Each recirculation station features a return line with recirculating pump, balancing valves and check valves. The shutoff valves on inlets and outlets, Temperature/pressure gauges on the inlets, an outlet setup connection, and a GFCI outlet make installation and setup quick and easy. Must specify return line size and recirculating pump make and model.

NRS-4 (S59-3045)

45 GPM @ 45 PSI

NRS-8 (S59-3080)

80 GPM @ 45 PSI

NRS-13 (S59-3130)

130 GPM @ 45 PSI

NRS-20 (S59-3200)

200 GPM @ 45 PSI


Smaller thermostatic valves designed to supply a bank of faucets or a small number of showers. They are also used in most of our hand washing fixtures.

  • ASSE 1017 & CSA cUPC Certified
  • Reliable wax-filled thermostat
  • Adjustable set point within temperature range


4.5 GPM @ 45 PSI Vernatherm


4.5 GPM @ 45 PSI Vernatherm with check stops and supply hoses


8 GPM @ 45 PSI Vernatherm


15 GPM @ 45 PSI Vernatherm





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