Bariatric Products

Providing peace of mind for restroom stability needs

Specifiers, designers and owners are working hard to make people of size feel welcome and safe in their surroundings, not only in the healthcare industry but in many other applications with a variety of user needs. Using heavy-duty, third-party rated products will bring peace of mind and user satisfaction.

Benefits of Bradley Bariatric Products

Best in class bariatric program
Grab bars and shower seats with industry leading load ratings
Save time specifying one grab bar for all needs
Provide stability in the restroom with coordinating products
Eliminate job site confusion as to which products get installed where
Wide selection of configurations available
Bariatric Products 500 lbs strength

Shower Seat 9591

Shower Seat 9562

Bariatric Products 900 lbs strength

Grab Bar 852 Series*

Grab Bar 857 Series*

Grab Bar 832 Series*

Grab Bar 837 Series*

Bariatric Products 1000 lbs strength

Grab Bar 812 Series

Grab Bar 817 Series

Bariatric Products 1200 lbs strength

Shower Seat 957

Shower Seat 9571

Shower Seat 958

Bariatric Products 1250 lbs strength

Grab Bar 8320-106360*

Grab Bar 8320-106420*

* Only available in select dimensions. See technical data for more information




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