BradEX Fast Ship Program

BradEX Fast Ship

BradEX is Bradley's Fast Ship Program. Orders consisting entirely of BradEX designated products are eligible for much faster shipping. BradEX orders ship within a few days. Exact times vary by product line, and standard shipping terms apply.

Washroom Accessories BradEX

Bradley offers our most popular washroom accessory products as BradEX items so there's no waiting for your restroom. BradEX washroom accessory orders ship 3 business days after the order has been entered and acknowledged by the Bradley Corporation. The most essential and most common washroom accessories are available at BradEX shipping speeds. Look for the BradEX logo in product lines such as standard grab bar sizes, hand dryersToilet Tissue Dispensers, and many others.

Washroom Accessories BX-Rx - In by 11, Out Today

Need it even faster? One day shipping is available for accessories orders with the Rush Express (BX-Rx) shipment option. Maximum quantities apply, please contact your local Bradley representative for




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