Emergency Signaling Systems

How does an emergency signaling system work?

The flow switch fitting is installed horizontally into the line with a vertical T. When the drench shower or eyewash has been activated, a paddle inside the system toggles and activates the signal system, sounding an audible horn and visual system. In cases where a separate electrical cable has been wired into the main control room, an electrical signal will be sent indicating an emergency has occurred and emergency personnel should be notified.

Do you sell a flow switch only?

Yes you can learn more on the flow switch product page. The part numbers are:

  • S19-319B2- Brass, ½" NPT
  • S19-319S2- Stainless Steel, ½" NPT
  • S19-319B4- Brass, 1¼" NPT
  • S19-319S4- Stainless Steel- 1¼" NPT

What does double pole, double throw mean?

The number of poles refers to the total number of contact sets included with the alarm system. Meanwhile, the term throw refers to the positions with contact that are electrically isolated and available for connection. Each of Bradley's signaling systems is double pole, double throw, meaning they include an extra set of electrical contacts, that allow hard wiring into a central computer system.

Can the eyewash alone trigger an alarm system?

Yes. The flow switch activates at 2.4gpm, and all of our eyewash units have a flow great enough to activate the signaling systems.

Can I add an emergency signaling system to a unit that is already in the field?

Yes, Bradley Signaling Systems are DPDT, or Double Pole Double Throw, so there is an extra set of contacts in the flow switch junction box, which work mechanically in parallel with the contact set used by the local alarm. The contacts are electrically isolated from the set being used, so there is no interference. For more details see the installation instructions (PDF) of the emergency signaling system desired and the information will be under "REMOTE SENSING OPTION".

Does Bradley sell a recessed signaling system?

Yes! The new S19-322 Series signaling system is designed to be installed in the wall




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