Portable Solutions

Do you have any units that are portable?

Yes, there are two different options:

Can a drench hose be added to a portable unit?

Yes, drench hoses may be added to portable pressurized eyewash tanks. The entire listing of options is on the product page.

How does the On-Site (S19-921) compare to other gravity-fed portable eyewashes on the market?

The On-Site Eyewash (S19-921) is a unique patented innovation offered exclusively by the Bradley Corporation. It features Bradley's hallmark clear yellow tank, accessible only when the fixture is being maintained, to prevent vandals from tampering with the contents. It provides the ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 mandated 15 minute flush requiring only 7 gallons of water and an 8oz. bottle of preservative. The fixture ships with a mounting bracket allowing a customer to easily wall-mount the fixture. To facilitate the collection and disposal of the water, a waste cart (S19-399) may be purchased to move the product as working environments are reorganized. A heater jacket may be purchased (S19-921H, S19-921HR) to prevent the water from freezing in frigid conditions.

How does the On-Site (S19-921) compare to the single use, preserved and sterile solution used in portable fixtures on the market?

The On-Site allows people to view the contents inside the tank, activate the fixture, and still have enough fluid to satisfy the 15 minute flush requirement, provided that the water is not below the fill line. Competitive preserved and sterile portable eyewashes do not feature a clear tank, and allow for a single activation only. After that single activation, the unit is no longer compliant, and new pouches must be ordered and installed. This significantly increases the cost to maintain the fixture

When would an ASME pressurized eyewash be necessary?

Usually it is a code requirement. Units with the pressure vessel rating are traceable back to the unit's component part origin. ASME rated units are certified to that performance standard.

Can Portable Pressurized eyewash units be retrofitted with eye/face wash sprayheads?

No. By retrofitting the fixture with dual eye/face wash heads, the tank will not provide the same flow rate/duration as indicated on technical data sheets. Many customers request a fixture that will provide a 15 minute flush (S19-690 or S19-788), by changing the flow rate, the fixture will not fulfill the 15 minute requirement.

Could the water freeze in the eyewash yoke if the unit has a Bradley heater jacket?

No, the yoke is equipped with a heating element that will prevent the water from freezing.

Should a 5, 10 or 15 gallon pressurized tank, be filled with 5, 10 or 15 gallons of water respectively?

No, a 5-gallon, 10-gallon, and 15-gallon tank should not be entirely filled with water. Each fixture needs to maintain a specific water to air ratio as called out in the installation instructions. If the tanks are filled with more water than indicated on the installation instructions, Bradley cannot guarantee that the unit will provide the appropriate duration of the flush.

What if the water to air ratio in the pressurized unit is not exact?

The height of the eyewash arch will remain standard, but the tank will be unable to provide the maximum duration of flow.

Can the pressurized unit be activated more than once?

Once the unit has been activated, it should be refilled and re-pressurized before the next use.

How should Portable Pressurized Eyewash tanks be pressurized?

Bradley recommends two independent methods: A CO2 compressor at a high rating A clean diaphragm air compressor with a clean supply Note: Piston compressors often are used in conjunction with oil, which would be harmful to the eye. Refrain from using this type of compressor.

Do portable eyewashes provide a 15 minute flush?

Gravity-fed unit- The unit is designed to provide a single user a 15 minute flush. If the tank is filled completely, it will provide minutes of additional flush time. Pressurized units- The 10 and 15 gallon units provide a 15 minute flush if only the eyewash is activated. If the drench hose is being used simultaneously, the water may not last the full 15 minutes.

What is the shelf life of an unopened bottle of the water preservative (S19-865)?

Two years from the date of manufacture.

Can I get a dust cover for the S19-921 to protect the unit from debris?

Please contact Customer Service for assistance and reference part number 269-1627.

How often does my portable unit need to be tested?

Gravity Fed units- After completing installation, test the eyewash briefly for proper operation by pulling down the tray. Visually inspect the eyewash weekly for cleanliness and proper solution level, as indicated on the tank. When the water level drops below the 15-minute fill line, the tank must be emptied and then refilled with potable water and preservative. (S19-865/S19-899) To refill the eyewash tank, follow the procedures outlined in the installation instructions.(Section 5.5.3) Pressurized Units- The unit does not need to be tested weekly, but it does need to be inspected on a weekly basis, to ensure it is pressurized. If the unit has been activated, then it should be refilled, re-pressurized and tested as soon as possible after activation.(Section 5.53)

Can I clean the portable tanks with bleach?

No, using bleach will corrode the stainless steel tank and is a dangerous liability, should the tank not be rinsed completely. The tank should be cleaned with warm, soapy dishwater and rinsed out before being refilled with potable water and preservative every 4 months.

Do you sell bottled eyewash?

No, we discontinued our bottled eyewash in June 2008.

Is my Bradley bottled eyewash still safe to use?

No. The bottled eyewash had a 3 year shelf life. The last batch was produced in June 2008, so as of June 2011, it is no longer safe to use

Can I order the heat trace fixture with a bowl, stainless steel dust cover or foot treadle kit?

The heat trace (S19-300), cannot be ordered with a bowl, foot treadle kit or a stainless steel dust cover.

Is the Heat Trace available as a drench shower only?

Please contact Customer Service for more information. (1-800-BRADLEY (1-800-272-3539))

Do you have an freestanding, enclosed unit?

Yes, our enclosed safety showers provide a fully enclosed space that can withstand nearly any environment.




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