General Questions

  1. Where is Bradley Corporation located? How can I contact you?

    Mailing Address: 

    W142 N9101 Fountain Blvd.
    P.O. Box 309
    Menomonee Falls, WI 53052-0309
    Phone: (262) 251-6000
    Fax: (262) 251-5817

    You can also Contact Us through email.

  2. Can I buy your products directly from you? How can I find the Bradley representative closest to me?

    Please contact your nearest Bradley Plumbing Fixture, Washroom Accessories or Safety/Industrial representative for personalized assistance. We've made it easy for you, just enter your zip code on the Locate Nearest Representative Page.

  3. Doesn't Bradley just make washfountains?

    Since inventing the washfountain in 1921, Bradley has been the undisputed leader in the commercial plumbing industry. Today, Bradley stands as the only single source provider of commercial plumbing fixtures, washroom accessories, emergency plumbing fixtures, partitions and plastic lockers. This extensive product line means you find the products you need for any plumbing application.

  4. Does Bradley manufacture modified or custom products for specific customer needs?

    Many modified or custom products are manufactured at Bradley. We value the opportunity to develop products which will accommodate any special application and addresses our customers needs.

  5. Do you have any job openings?

    You can view all latest employment opportunities at Bradley on theCareer Opportunities page.

  6. Where do I get Bradley's most recent product literature and promotional videos?

    All of Bradley's promotional material is listed on the Literature Request Form. Just fill in the quantity of each item, your mailing address and send to us.  Bradley reserves the right to limit the amount on certain materials.

  7. Who do I contact with questions after I have ordered a Bradley product?

    Please continue to deal directly with your local Bradley representative.

  8. If my product was broken or defective upon arrival, how do I return it?

    If the product is broken or damaged in transit and the carton is visibly damaged, it can be refused upon receipt. Then, either our representative should contacted so they can notify us, or the carrier should notify us. We will then file a claim with the carrier. If you choose to accept it with visible carton damage, it must be duly noted on the Bill of Lading and opened immediately to inspect concealed damage. You then can file the claim yourself and another order should be placed. Please DO NOT use the same PO# as the original. We will be happy to assist anyway we can with the claim you file, or as a customer courtesy, we will take it over.

    If the product is defective, please contact your local Bradley representative for assistance in determining the cause of the defect. Once this is done, he will contact us for a solution and/or replacement of the product or portion thereof.

  9. Don't you have the world's largest 4-faced clock tower?

    Sorry, but NO.  Even though we were also founded by Harry Bradley (see: Bradley History), you have us confused with another Milwaukee corporation - Allen-Bradley.




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