Lenox Solid Plastic Lockers

1. What material are Lenox Lockers made from?

Lenox Lockers are made entirely of high density plastic (HDPE). The color extends through the entire thickness of the material, so the lockers never need to be painted. The plastic is impervious to moisture, humidity, chlorine or saltwater, so they are corrosion-proof. The lockers feature all-welded construction, so there are no fasteners to loosen up or fail. With doors and frames 1/2" thick, they are highly impact resistant. They don't rust, scratch, dent or come apart like metal lockers!

2. What size lockers are available?

Standard locker height is 24”, 36”, 48”, 60" or 72". There can be up to 5 tiers (doors) in a 60" tall unit or 6 tiers (doors) in a 72" tall unit. Standard widths are 12", 15", or 18". Standard depths are 12”, 15”, 18”, 21” or 24”. Locker benches are 20" tall, with storage lockers under the bench top. Locker benches are available in 3'- 6' lengths. Pedestal benches are 18.5” tall, available in 3’-8’ lengths.

3. What colors are available?

Standard colors can be found on the color tab of each product page. All benches and gear lockers have limited color selections. Please refer to the tech datas for colors available. The lockers are white inside for visibility and ease of cleaning.

4. What types of locks are available for Lenox Locker doors?

The standard door lock is a stainless steel hasp for padlocks. Key locks, built-in combinations locks, coin operated locks, and keypad locks are also available.

5. What is the warranty for Lenox Lockers?

Lockers are guaranteed for 20 years against rust, delamination, or breakage of any of the plastic components under normal use.

6. How do I purchase Lenox Lockers?

Lenox Lockers are sold through distributors. Contact your local Bradley representative for a distributor referral.

7. Can Lenox Lockers be customized?

Yes - doors can be ventilated with mesh cut-outs or custom logos. Locker bases, end panels, slope tops, flat tops, and fillers can also be added.

8. How are the lockers shipped and installed?

Lenox Lockers are shipped fully assembled on skids. Installation simply involves placing lockers on the floor or base and securing the lockers to the wall and to each other.

9. Are replacement parts available?

Replacement doors, hinges, coat hooks, and door handles are available. Contact Bradley customer service or your local Bradley representative for assistance.





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