Mills Partitions

1. What type of partitions does Mills offer?

Mills offers all the major types of partitions:

  • Powder Coated Steel
  • stainless steel (both satin finish and textured)
  • solid phenolic
  • Bradmar solid plastic.

2. What styles are Mills partitions available in?

Partitions are available in 4 major styles. Overhead Braced is the most common style, with the partition anchored to the floor and supported with headrail attached to the wall. Floor Anchored partitions are bolted to the floor and have a clean finished top. A minimum 3" concrete floor is required for anchoring this style. (Note: Bradmar solid plastic is not available in floor anchored or ceiling hung) Ceiling hung partitions are suspended to the ceiling, offering an open floor area for easy cleaning. This system require structural supports in the ceiling and is not recommended for ceilings higher than 8 feet. Floor-to-Ceiling partitions are anchored at both the floor and the ceiling for maximum rigidity.

3. How do prices of the different partition materials compare?

The following is a cost index of partitions with Powder Coated Steel as the starting point.

Powder Coated Steel

Cost Index = 1


Cost Index = 2.5

Stainless Steel

Cost Index = 2.75

Bradmar Solid Plastic

Cost Index = 3.0

4. What types of hardware are available?

Powder Coated Steel and Stainless Steel partitions are available with standard heavy duty chrome plated zamac hardware. Stainless steel hardware is available as an option. Phenolic partitions are standard with stainless steel hardware. Bradmar solid plastic partitions are available with solid plastic wall brackets and pilaster shoes, and integral hinges. Door latches and strikes are anodized aluminum. Aluminum wall brackets and wraparound hinges and stainless steel pilaster shoes are available as an option.

5. What colors are available?

There are 18 standard colors for Powder Coated Steel and 11 standard colors for Bradmar solid plastic. Stainless steel is available in satin finish or 5 textured (embossed) patterns. Almost any Formica or Wilsonart pattern can be selected for phenolic. Custom colors can usually be accommodated as a special order.

6. What is the warranty on Mills partitions?

Mills offers an exclusive 15-year rust-out warranty on powder coated steel and stainless steel partitions. Chrome plated hardware is guaranteed for 5 years, and stainless steel hardware has a lifetime warranty. Bradmar solid plastic partitions are guaranteed for 15 years.

7. Where do I get replacement parts?

Contact your local Mills stocking dealer or call Bradley Customer Service (1-800-Bradley) or your local Bradley representative. Most hardware is in stock and available for immediate shipment. Replacement doors, panels and pilasters will be made to order.

8. How do I price Mills partitions?

Partitions are priced by layout or by individual components (for stock orders or replacements). The Mills price list covers all pricing. Contact the Bradley quotations department (Toll Free 877-427-2310) for help in pricing and budget estimates.




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