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Washfountain General Info

How can I order parts for my Washfountain? Where do I get them? My fixture has a serial number. Does this serial number mean anything?

Contact your local Bradley representative for assistance in ordering genuine Bradley parts. A serial number gives us an idea of how old your fixture is, but does not identify it. You may need to know the following when ordering replacement parts:

  • Shape: Circular, semi-circular or corner
  • Bowl Material: Precast Terrazzo, Bradstone, or Stainless steel, Terreon solid surface
  • Water Activation: Foot control, hand-control, electronic or air
  • Supply & Vent: Water supply for above or below, vent off the line or centrally rising
  • If no serial number, estimated date of installation

What does the needle valve do on a foot valve?

It regulates the amount of water entering the valve to push the plunger down for shut off. For example, if the needle valve is screwed in all the way, the valve will not shut off. When it is screwed out all the way, it has a quick shut off (automatically 1 second), but without slamming.

A repair kit, S45-049, is available and will repair either of the valves

I acquired an old washfountain and would like to put it back into service. I'm not sure if this washfountain was working properly in the past, or how long it has been out of service.

Yes, we continue to sell parts for washfountains that are well over 50 years old and still working. You will need to determine what model and style you have. To help in determining what you have, visit the washfountainssection of this web site. Try to match the features of your washfountain to the features listed on the site. After you narrow down what you have, you can view technical data and/or installation instructions. The installation instructions show parts breakdowns. Parts can be ordered from the nearest sales representative.

I have an old Washfountain and the bowl is deteriorating. The finish is rough and the concrete is wearing away. Can the bowl be rebuilt and restored to a like new finish?

Yes, we do offer a Terrazzo resurfacing kit. It includes most of the materials necessary to resurface a 54" circular bowl. The bowl must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before proceeding. The part number is S65-119 and instructions are included.

For colors use kits that include pigments. Whisper Gray requires S65-120, Granito is kit S65-121, Green is S65-122 and Dusty Rose is S65-124.

After resurfacing, use a marine grade polyurethane coating (not supplied) to seal the bowl and bring back that new glossy finish.

Note: If bowl is deteriorating to the point it is leaking, it should be replaced

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Classic Washfountains (with spray ring) - Part Number Info

What is the part number for the strainer and screws used on the drain spud in the bowl on a Classic Washfountain?

This is not an individual part, it is part of the leg. The part number for the strainer is 173-002 and for the screw is 160-042.

Is there a repair kit for the Buba valve? What is the part number?

Yes, there are two kits available. One is S65-110 that replaces the "wet" parts. The other is S73-054A. This replaces all the parts that the S65-110 does as well as the plastic upper body excluding the brass casting. It is better of the two.

What is the part number for the "U" bracket that the pivot pin goes through on a Classic washfountain with foot control?

This is not an individual part, it is part of the leg. The part number for standard height is 193-002, and for juvenile height is 193-002B.

I need information on the S27-016. I cannot find anything on this. Can you help?

The S27-016 vernatherm valve is obsolete. Its replacement is the S0l-116. All internal parts are interchangeable with the exception of the cold water seat (153-003), cold water retainer (158-004) and main slider (S27-018). The original body and cover are no longer available. If these two parts are required, then a complete new valve is needed.

I've looked through my entire O & M instructions for the part number for the "U" shaped bracket on the leg portion of my foot-controlled washfountain. The pivot pin fits through this. You don't identify this part. What is it?

This is not an individual part, but part of the leg itself. The leg for a standard height washfountain is 193-002. For a juvenile height washfountain, it is 193-002B.

I ordered the wrong supply and vent on my classic washfountain. I ordered a circular 2608 with supplies from above and really need supplies from below. Is there a kit to convert?

Following are all the conversion kits available for different supply and vent configurations on classic washfountains. The kits can be used on circular as well as semi-circular models.


  Supply & Vent* Part Number
To change from 'A' to 'B', 'O' to 'B' S45-966
  'A' to 'H', 'O' to 'H' S45-967
  'B' to 'A', 'H' to 'A' S45-968
  'B' to 'O', 'H' to 'O' S45-969

*'A' = Supplies from below-vent off-line
'B' = Supplies from above-centrally rising vent
'H' = Supplies from below-centrally rising vent
'O' = Supplies from above- vent off-line

I have a hand-controlled Bradley Washfountain. What is the part number for the lever handle?

Called a volume control handle, its part number is 128-009A. A complete parts breakdown for your hand-controlled fixture is available to you on this Website under Plumbing Fixtures/Washfountains/Classic deep bowl.

My bowl is leaking where the support tube goes through the center of the bowl. What is the part number for the gasket?

There are two different gaskets. Part number 125-011 is used for precast Terrazzo, Terreon solid surface and Bradstone. For stainless steel bowls use part number 125-008.

I need instructions on the Accu-Zone conversion kit and can't find them on the Website.

The instruction sheet for the Accu-Zone (AZ) conversion kit is 215-840. This information is provided with the conversion kit. This instruction sheet is not currently available on the Website. You will need to request one from our Technical Service department or through your local Bradley representative.

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Classic Washfountains (with spray ring) - Maintenance Info

Does Bradley have any recommendation on which soap should be used in the washfountains?

Bradley works directly with a company called Champion Brand Products (a division of Lochrie and Associates, Inc.). They have tested all of our soap valves and can give you proper recommendations for the specific types of soap necessary for any application. The phone number for Champion Brand Products is 1(800)344-5301.

The spray ring on my washfountain seems to be getting clogged. How do I clean this?

First, you will have to disassemble your washfountain to get to the sprayhead. To clean the sprayhead, remove the three screws holding the sprayhead together. Disassemble the sprayhead and dislodge chips, pipe dope or other foreign material with a wire brush. Lime build-up may also be removed in this manner. Sprayheads with rubber grommet spray rings may be cleaned by rubbing a coin over the grommet to remove the deposits.

I am doing preventative maintenance on the foot valve on my washfountain. What do you recommend as a lubricant?

Bradley recommends a product called "Super Lube Grease" manufactured by Synco Chemical Corporation. Contact them at 516-567-5300. The foot valve itself is S07-066. The repair kit for it is S65-203. The repair kit for the obsolete S07-015 valve is S65-001A.

Can I replace the manual mixing valve on my washfountain with a thermostatic mixing valve?

The thermostatic mixing valve S01-535 can replace the manual-mixing valve (S01-038). This includes the valve and a tailpiece prepack.

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Sentry Washfountains (with spray heads)

On a Sentry washfountain, can just the aerator be ordered, and what is the part number?

Yes, the aerator can be purchased separately, and the part number is S05-140.

I have a Sentry washfountain and I want a soap dispenser. Do I have to buy a complete new sprayhead assembly?

We offer a soap retrofit kit, part #S45-1467. Circular washfountains require two (2) kits, which include two (2) soap tanks and four (4) soap valves. Semi-circular washfountains require one (1) kit, which includes one (1) soap tank and two (2) soap valves. Complete instruction sheets will be provided with each retrofit kit

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Multi Fount Washfountains

What is the part number for the aerator/streamformer on the Quadfount and Trifount?

The style of streamformer depends on the type of valving the multi-fount is equipped with. Multi-Founts with 90-75 metering valves use streamformer 115-125.Those equipped with air or infrared valves us 115-131.

My Bradley Tri-Fount has a round chrome plated cap with two little indentations on the top of it. This cap is located on the upper ledge of the fixture. What is this for?

This is the filler cap for the soap tank. This part number is 136-011. To remove this cap requires a spanner wrench, 130-142. This same cap is also used on Crescents, Images, Corner-Fount, and Quad-Fount.

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I want to replace the showerheads on my column shower. What is the correct part number?

Depending on how old the column is, you will either require S24-008, which is provided from 1961 to 1974, or S24-072 which is the current showerhead.

What is the part number for the integral stop for the Equa Flo shower valve, and is there a repair kit available?

The part number for the integral check stop is #S27-102. No repair kit or parts are available for this valve. This information is available on pages 14 & 15 of the Shower Operation and Service Guides, which is available on this web site, under the Technical Data section. Also, this integral stop is optional equipment on the Equa Flo valve.

What is the part number for the #443 Econo-Wall showerhead?

The part number for the #443 showerhead is #S24-038. Additional information is available on pages 3, 9, 37, and 38 of the Shower Operation and Service Guides, which is available on this web site under the Technical Data Section.

My Touch 'N' Flo shower valve drips water from the pushbutton. How can I stop this?

By design, the Touch 'N' Flo valve does drip water from the pushbutton. When the pushbutton is activated, water is evacuated from the upper chamber inside the valve body. This water is then directed to spill out small holes on the pushbutton of the valve. There will be no more than a teaspoon each time the valve is activated. This is a standard function of the valve and is not a cause for alarm. If a more serious problem persists, contact your Bradley representative.

I have a Micro-Touch wall shower. Do you have a repair kit for the solenoid valve? The part number on the solenoid valve casting is 'K-63314-8 ¼'. I do not want to purchase the entire valve.

You have an Eaton solenoid valve, 269-719. The repair kit is S65-113. This kit consists of the spring, an armature and a diaphragm.

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