Conversion to DC Transformers

Regulatory changes aimed at the electronics industry have resulted in Bradley no longer being able to use AC to AC transformers in our products.

When will these changes occur?

Bradley will start rolling out these changes in late November of 2016 by product group. Incoming orders will automatically be converted to DC activation.

What does this mean for me?

Bradley will start using AC to DC transformers within our products.

    - Today's units operate with a 24V AC system
    - Future units will operate with a 12V DC system
    - New units will still plug into 120V AC power

Parts will continue to be available for AC systems

What products are affected?

This will affect any product that is currently plugged in, this includes:

Washfountains Lavatory Systems Showers Faucets

What types of Activation are affected?

This will affect TouchTime (TT) and IR (Adaptive Infrared and Accu-Zone)

The New DC Valve

The new DC ganged valve will have a DC cartridge and redesigned valve body

New Touch Time Design

Differences between old vs new touch time design

Old Touch Time New Touch Time
Electronics are integral to the push button Electronics will be separate from the push button
Larger size custom mechanical push button Standard size mechanical push button
Activation timing set at factory Activation time pre-set at the factory but field adjustable
Components are AC Components are DC
Reliable activation option for Bradley products Reliable activation option for Bradley products

New IR electronics

The updated Accuzone and adaptive infrared activations will appear similar to their current versions, with the main difference being the use of DC components instead of AC components.

Are there any Installation Changes?

Product will still operate and install the same way. Instead of an AC to AC transformer, they will utilize an AC to DC transformer.

Changes to Service and Repair on these products

We will continue to offer the current components:

    - AC Touch Time components
    - AC IR components
    - AC ganged valve assembles
    - AC to AC transformers (limited to our remaining stock)

You will be able to visually identify if a valve is AC or DC

AC components will be required for the AC systems and DC components will be required for DC systems.

If the transformer fails after we have depleted our stock, activation would need to be converted to DC.




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