Discontinued Security Fixtures

Effective December 31, 2014, Bradley is discontinuing the Security product line. Bradley will continue to sell service parts for the Security Product Line.

Security Fixtures Service Part Information

Security Fixtures Standard Options

COMBI Units  Toilets  Lavatories  Urinals  Flush Valve Box 
COMBI5100 WC7180 LAV6101 URI8000  7900 
COMBI5500 WC7230 LAV6175 URI8100  7901 
COMBI5600 WC7245 LAV6180 URI8200  7902 
  WC7335 LAV6185 URI8300  7905 
  WC7445 LAV6101FM URI8002FM   
  WC7455 LAV6175FM URI8102FM   
  WC7230FM LAV6180FM URI8202FM   
  WC7249FM LAV6185FM URI8302FM   
  WC7339FM LAV6500FM    
  WC449FM LAV6577FM