"Green" Terreon and TerreonRE Solid Surface Material

What makes Terreon "green"?

Terreon solid surface lasts a lifetime and can easily be repaired and renewed, thus minimizing the need to replace and dispose of it.

Now TerreonRE solid surface with recycled content is available. TerreonRE is made with 25% pre-consumer granules and a bio-based resin.

Terreon and TerreonRE products are completely molded including bowls, overflows, backsplashes and aprons. Molded product eliminates fabrication and the use of sealants and adhesives.

Because it is a molded product, there is minimal waste generated in production and none during installation.

Terreon and TerreonRE do not react readily with other chemicals or elements so it has a low impact on both indoor and outdoor environments.

Terreon and TerreonRE are non-toxic with virtually no "off-gassing" of volatile organic compounds.

Terreon and TerreonRE are Class 1 Fire Rated, so in a fire situation, there is clean-burning and only an insignificant amount of smoke.

Terreon and TerreonRE can be cleaned with the following biodegradable and non-toxic cleansers.

  • What are the ingredients of Formula 409® All Purpose Cleaner?
    Formula 409® All Purpose Cleaner contains non-ionic and cationic surfactants, solvents and dye. It does not contain ammonia or bleach.
  • What are the ingredients of Soft Scrub® Cleanser?
    A: Soft Scrub® Cleanser contains calcium carbonate, which is a mild abrasive. In addition, the product contains proprietary surfactants (detergent-type ingredients) that add to its overall cleaning power.
  • What are the ingredients of COMET?
    The surfactants in Comet are biodegradable. Contains no phosphate.
    Active Ingredient: Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione dihydrate 1.2%
    Inactive Ingredients: Other Ingredients 98.8%
  • What are the ingredients of HOPE's?
    It's free of harsh chemicals and safe to use on food preparation surfaces.

Terreon and TerreonRE are non-porous material, which means it will not support the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.

Pigments used to manufacture Terreon and TerreonRE are free from heavy metals and toxic or carcinogenic ingredients.




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