Commercial Sinks

Cost effectively move restroom traffic cleanly and safely while enhancing the hand washing experience

sink with soap dispenser, water, and hand dryer in one fixture - Advocate Handwashing Station

Advocate Handwashing Stations

Material: Terreon Solid Surface

The All-In-One Sink. Soap, water, and hand dryer in one fixture. Finally.

Commercial bathroom sink made of Natural Quartz Surface - Verge Wash Basins

Verge Wash Basins

Material: Evero Natural Quartz Surface

Striking designs and durability in the industry's only molded, seamless, natural quartz lavatory system.

multi-height sink system for universal accessibility - Frequency Lavatory Systems

Frequency Lavatory Systems

Material: Terreon Solid Surface

Patented multi-height fixture provides universal accessibility for everyone.

Commercial bathroom sink made of Natural Quartz Surface

Express Lavatory Systems

Material: Terreon Solid Surface

Durably vandal resistant fixtures that install quicker than traditional lavatories with one set of supplies and one drain.

Evero Natural Quartz Surface Logo

Evero is the first and only natural quartz material that can be molded into round and curved shapes giving you
not only stunning design options to explore but a high performance product that is beautiful as it is durable

Geo Series

Blends natural quartz, granite, recycled
glass and other exotic materials in a
bio based resin.
25% Recycled Content

Pearl Series

Blends natural quartz, seashells,
and recycled glass in a bio based resin
75% Recycled Content

terreon Solid Surface Logo

Solid Surface Material

Terreon is a durable solid surface material that lasts a lifetime and can easily be repaired and renewed, minimizing the need for replacement or disposal. Meeting the highest industry quality and performance standard for solid surface materials, ANSI/ICPA SS-1-2001.

TerreonRE Recycled Solid Surface Material

All the features and benefits of Terreon solid surface with 25% pre-consumer recycled granules and 8% rapidly renewable material which can count toward LEED credits.




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