Lead Free Valves

Bradley is the first manufacturer to offer lead-free thermostatic mixing valves. The landscape is changing and states are pushing to reduce lead content in valves, pipe fittings, and plumbing fixtures. Bradley's line of Navigator Thermostatic Mixing Valvescomplies with new lead-free requirements and provides safer drinking water.

Beginning in 2010, California and Vermont will be the first states to implement laws regulating lead content in plumbing products designed to deliver water for human consumption. Both states are raising the bar by significantly reducing lead content in lavatory faucets, water dispensers, drinking fountains, water coolers, glass fillers, ice makers, and endpoint control valves.

States are currently adhering to the law established by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) requiring plumbing fittings or fixtures dispensing water for human ingestion to contain less than 8% lead. California Assembly Bill 1953 will reduce the amount of lead in specific plumbing fixtures from its current amount of no more than 8%, to a new standard not to exceed 0.25%. CA AB 1953 states:

“Lead-free means not more than a weighted average of 0.25% when used with respect to the wetted surfaces of pipes and pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, and fixtures.” Furthermore, "No person shall introduce into commerce any pipe, pipe or plumbing fittings, or fixture intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking or cooking that is not lead free.”

The Vermont law follows similar standards.




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