Mirror Maintenance

Bradley mirrors are fabricated from type 430 stainless steel frames and plate glass or an alternative reflective surface. The frame can be cared for by following the general stainless steel maintenance instructions above (be careful not to scratch the highly polished frames). Reflective surfaces can be cleaned with any standard non-abrasive glass cleaner (Windex, Sparkle, etc.) and a soft cloth. Care must be taken to avoid allowing the cleaner to run down the surface of the mirror and collect in the frame. If allowed to continue, this could lead to silver spoilage and would void the warranty on the glass.

Tempered Vs. Laminated Glass

The production of tempered glass consists of taking ordinary glass and heating it to a temperature near its softening point (1200F). The glass is then quickly cooled to about 400-600F. The production of tempered glass creates compression on the surface and tension in the center of the glass. The tempered glass process will make the glass four times stronger than ordinary glass and greatly increases resistance to thermal and impact stresses. Tempered glass also offers protection from the sharp shards that ordinary glass produces when broken. However, tempered glass because of its transformation will have slight flaws and distortion marks. All tempered products are sold on an "as is" basis. Specifiers should be notified that laminated glass mirrors provide higher quality reflectivity than tempered mirrors.




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