Why Tankless Water Heaters

Save Money

save money

Easy installation means lower labor cost. A small footprint means less square footage >needed for utilities. Lower energy use and less maintenance mean lower utility and maintenance costs over the life of the product.


Save Energy

power saving

Tankless water heaters operate efficiently at the time of usage. Inefficient boiler systems waste energy cycling through heating water that might not be used and letting it cool to maintain temperature.


Save Space

save spave

Tankless water heaters have a much smaller footprint than a large commercial tank water heater.


Simple Installation

Simple to install

Tankless heaters require only an electrical connection and water hook-up.


Simple to Maintain

simple to maintain

No tank to maintain, no anodes, no softeners.


The Benefits of Tankless

Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand and without a large storage tank. In addition to having more efficient fuel usage than traditional tank-type units, savings can also come from eliminating standby losses – energy that’s wasted when heated water sits unused in a tank. Leaks are rare in tankless water heaters. However, over time, most storage tanks will eventually spring a leak and this can be a major expense to fix or replace.

Replacing a traditional tank-type hot water system with an electric tankless unit can result in energy savings. How much depends on your current system and hot water requirements. Tankless water heaters save energy since you only heat water at the time of use. Traditional tank heaters have to maintain the temperature of the water in the tank around the clock.

In addition to energy savings, electric tankless heaters save space as they have a much smaller footprint than conventional tank units. Installation only requires a water and electric supply and maintenance is easy because you aren’t dealing with a large tank, anodes or softeners.

The benefits of tankless heaters apply to most water or fluid heating applications. Tankless units are available for small to large commercial buildings like schools, hotels, healthcare and airports. There are also units engineered for larger commercial and heavy industrial applications such as petrochemical, energy and mining, as well as safety shower and emergency eyewash applications. Savings and versatility make tankless heaters the ideal choice for your facility.




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