BradLIVE Troubleshooting

Is Java installed and up-to-date on your computer?

BradLIVE needs Java to work. Currently it needs Java 7, build 13, or higher.

Test if you have Java ->

This page tests whether you have java installed and what version you have. You must allow the pop-up/plugin to run.

Upgrade Java here
Note: Uncheck the "Install Ask toolbar" option during installation.

Let the Java Plugin Run

BradLIVE runs on Java. Newer browsers will ask for permission for the plugin to run. If you accidentally blocked it, click here for more information

The Most Common Fixes


Common Messages

Other Issues

Application Blocked

Java's security settings may prevent BradLIVE from running on your computer. The solution is to add the URL to Java's Exception Site List as follows:

  1. Go to Start >> Programs >> Java >> Configure Java
  2. click the Security tab
  3. Click "Edit Site List"
  4. Click "Add"
  5. Enter the URL ""
  6. Click OK

No suitable Java runtime environment found on this system

Some customers that use the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser have reported that they are no longer able to run BradLIVE. When attempting to run BradLIVE, the following message is received:

No suitable Java Runtime Environment

Reinstalling Java does not fix the problem.

We believe this may be caused by operating system level and/or Internet Explorer level updates that break BradLIVE launch functionality.

The workaround is to use one of the following web browsers instead of Internet Explorer:

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox


Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main JAR

No signon screen and red Error. Click for details in upper left hand corner and it reads "Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main JAR".

This could mean that you recently updated your version of Java and need to clear your Java cache. To clear Java cache:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Find your Java control panel within your list of programs
  3. Open the Java control panel
  4. On the General tab, click "Settings"
  5. Click "Delete Files"
  6. Check "Trace and Log Files" and "Cached Applications and Applets", then OK.

Do you want to run this application?

Because of Java's security restrictions, users may be prompted with a dialog asking if they wish to run the application:

Java Security Warning - Do you want to run this application?

Users need to:

  1. Click the checkbox next to "I accept the risk...". This must be done if you wish to run BradLIVE>
  2. Users may expand the options drop down at the bottom of the dialog and select "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above" if they do not wish to see this dialog again.
  3. Click the Run button


J Walk Windows Client Error Message

BradLIVE recently transitioned from a native Windows application to a Java application. Users of the old Windows' application may see the following error:

J Walk Windows client error message

The Windows client is no longer supported.

To resolve this issue, please install Java and begin using the Java version of BradLIVE.

Upgrade Java

BradLIVE is supported in Java 7 build 13 or laterJava 7, build 13, fixed a bug in the Java 7 runtime which now allows users to run BradLive.

How to install Java

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Free Java Download" button
  3. Once the download is complete, run the installer
  4. Note: During installation, it is recommended that you uncheck the "Install Ask toolbar" option.
  5. Launch the BradLIVE Java Client

Red X appears

If there is a red X over where BradLIVE should appear and you are using IE8, then there are some configuration settings in Internet Explorer that prevent BradLIVE from downloading into your browser. You should install and try using either Firefox or Google Chrome.


Network Connection

Sometimes you will download the client, but it will be unable to connect back to the server. Please ask your IT department if a firewall is blocking your access to port 8079 on

Prompted for answernet login twice

Once the applet is downloaded, it asks for authentication to open a connection back to us. We are working on a fix for this, but for now, checking save password will save it temporarily.

If you see a red X above, then most likely Java is installed but it is configured to block part of the applet download. This seems to happen most frequently on IE8, but not on all IE8 systems.

Chrome doesn't have Java Plugin Installed

Starting with Chrome 42, Java is disabled by default for Chrome. Follow the instructions on Enabling NPAPI in Chrome Version 42 and later to re-enable the plugin.


Javascript is a simple scripting language used by default in all major browsers. Some security policies disable it for unknown websites. Lets make sure javascript is also enabled for answernet.

Clearing Cookies and Cached Files

Our authentication stores a cookie in your browser that tells us who you are.

Your web browser also can store local copies of files in cache for quicker access later.

Sometimes these files change or get corrupted, and can cause problems.

To clear cookies and cache:

Internet Explorer: Instructions
Firefox: Instructions
Google Chrome: Instructions

Alternate Browsers

There may be a problem with the browser itself. One useful approach is to try different browsers and see if the problem is unique to a specific one, or happens on multiple browsers.

Google Chrome Download
Firefox Download

Other Problems

If you are still having trouble, please send us an email with a picture of what you see when you encounter the error.

Please include as much detail as you can about how you got to where you were and anything else that you think may help.

Browser Information

User Agent:
Cookies Enabled:
Java Enabled:

Java Plugin

BradLIVE is a Java applet. Your computer automatically downloads it from answernet and runs it within your browser using a Java Plugin.

You may test if applets run within your browser by going to Oracle's test page at


Java Throws an Exception

If you see an exception like: problem accessing trust Invalid keystore format
Try moving this file out of that directory and running it again.
C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\security\trusted.certs 

Red "Error. Click for details" Message

If you've recently updated to Java 8 version 31 which was released on 2015-01-21, you may not be able to access BradLive.

As a temporary solution:

  1. Open the Java Control Panel.
  2. Go to the Advanced Tab.
  3. Scroll down to "Check for TLS certificate revocation using"
  4. Change setting to Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) only
  5. Click apply

You may have to restart your browser after this.

BradLIVE experiences slow response times or freezes

If using Internet Explorer, toolbars may be impeding performance. If unable to remove toolbars, you can improve your overall performance by utilizing another web browser to access BradLIVE:

  • Firefox
    • We recommend using Firefox to run BradLIVE
  • Chrome
    • Please note, BradLIVE is not supported in Chrome on 64-bit operating systems. If you don't know what this means, please don't use Chrome with BradLIVE.
  • Safari
    • Works great on Apple products. Not as good on Windows.




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